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popup-records was founded in 2001 by Jan Köpke as a music label and promotion agency for the indie/tronic/alternative/pop music scene. Over time and several seismic changes within the music industry later, popup-records‘ team of eight is one of Germany’s most sought-after PR agencies and label services in the independent music market, designing customized PR campaigns and release strategies for their own roster, independent artists as well as for domestic and international clients.

PR Services

Our PR services extend across print press, online media, radio, TV, and podcasts in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. With a well-established network, including major music magazines, daily newspapers, blogs, national radio and TV stations, we cater to domestic and international clients and partners such as Cooking Vinyl, Nettwerk, The Orchard, V2, One Little Independent Records, as well as notable artists and bands including Black Honey, Bombino, City and Colour, The Snuts, The Haunted Youth and Blossoms.

popup-records‘ services encompass a variety of PR campaigns, spanning from single, EP and album releases to concerts and tours in the specified regions. We specialize in acquiring editorial placements, reviews, and interviews across online and print media, in addition to securing radio airplay, artist features and interviews at all relevant radio stations.

Label Services

Since 2001, popup-records has been active as a label and still offers label services, hand in hand with its distribution partner The Orchard. popup’s artist roster has always been primarily international, e.g. by working on and building campaigns for Seed to Tree (LUX), Daniel Norgren (SE), Carnival Youth (LT), Jonas Alaska (NOR) or LeRiche (CAN), who have made their first steps on the German market together with popup. Label partners and artists from The Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, UK, Australia or Canada, but also domestic beacons such as Bernd Begemann or Rhonda and exciting newcomers including Willow Parlo, Jessie Monk, August August, Jordan Prince, whoiswelanski, Amber & the Moon, Das Kitsch, and pigments form the “popup network”.


Our publishing division, popup musikverlag, has been active since the company’s establishment in 2001 and is a registered member of GEMA, the German copyright society. Our primary responsibility is to manage and maximize the commercial potential of the copyrighted works we publish, ensuring optimal outcomes for our authors‘ financial interests. This involves collecting royalties for various uses, such as streaming, broadcasting, downloading, and live performances.

Additionally, we handle the negotiation of synchronization rights, such as those needed for cinema films or commercials. Our trusted partner in both creative endeavors and administrative affairs is Kick The Flame Music Publishing


Pop Seasons
Since 2019, popup has been organizing unique concert experiences at Christianskirche in Hamburg-Altona with its concert series „Pop Seasons“ as an output of its longstanding partnership with the Ottensen church community. These shows take place in the special atmosphere and focus on performances by renowned artists, who bring special presentations to the baroque ambiance of Christianskirche with solo, duo, or even full band sets. Acoustic pieces, a capella parts, or never-before-played versions of songs make Pop Seasons concert performances out of the ordinary, away from the regular club and tour circuit. Well-known artists such as Patrice, Enno Bunger, Dillon, Maeckes, Alin Coen, Matt Andersen, Giant Sand, Michelle Gurevich, Damien Jurado, Jesper Munk and others have been or will soon be guests on stage at Christianskirche.

Record Store Day
Record Store Day (RSD) is the global event, taking place annually in April since 2008 to celebrate and to take the hat off the unique culture of indie record stores. Around 400 limited and exclusive special vinyl releases from international stars such as U2, Foo Fighters, Taylor Swift, David Bowie or Sam Fender, as well as domestic artists like Kraftwerk, Die Fantastischen Vier, Alphaville or Nina Hagen attract thousands and millions of visitors of all ages to the participating record shops and make RSD the biggest one-day music event in the world. Celebrations take place around the world in countries like USA, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and many more. popup has been responsible for the organisation, coordination and PR of Record Store Day in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 2012. In its territory, constantly about 240 record stores take part in the RSD every year.


Jan Köpke

Founder & CEO

Ina Neumayr

Head of PR & Label Services

Carsten Wetzl

Project Manager (Record Store Day / Pop Seasons)

Marc Feldes

PR (Print/Online/TV) & Label Services Manager

Adrian Richter

PR Manager

Carlotta Schlomann

PR Manager (Radio)

Lina Weber

PR Assistent